Kazan State Medical University Russia (Download the Brochure PDF File)

Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional and multi-leveled state institution of higher learning in medicine.

KSMU History: In 1804 Emperor Alexander I gave out his royal command to open a university in Kazan.

  • In 1814 opens the faculty of Medicine in Kazan Emperor University
  • In 1837 Anatomical theater, the unique monument of the Russian classicism of the 19th century is built according to the appearance of Italian Anatomic theaters of Renaissance by M.P.Korinfskiyi with the participation of Nikolai Lobachevsky – rector of the Kazan Emperor’s University.
  • In 1840 the university clinic opened.
  • In 1930, the Medical Faculty of Kazan State University reorganized into Kazan Medical Institute.
  • On April 29, 1994, Kazan Medical Institute acquired the status of the Kazan State Medical University.

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