Admission is open for 2021-22 Academic Year

(Apply for Direct Admission through Doctors-IEA Auth. Off. Rep)

Kazan State Medical University admission starts from May month to September 30 every year. Online Application to Kazan State Medical University is strictly based on merit. See below for eligibility criteria and Kazan state medical university admission procedure:


  • Successful completion of higher secondary school.
  • The minimum requirement is an average of 65% marks in higher secondary school (each in chemistry, biology, and English language)
  • Guarantee for the fulfillment of payment conditions.

Admission Procedure: A prospective student has to apply through our official admission partner: Doctors-IEA team

Step 1: Application form. Fill the application form accurately.

Step 2: Documents Submission i.e Passport, Higher Secondary School Certificate.

– Scanned copy of the certificate of completion of higher secondary education  (should be translated into the Russian language)

– Scanned copy of your Passport (should be translated into the Russian language)

– Results of NEET (only for candidates from India)

All documents must be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Step 4: Information Letter (Provisional Admission Letter). After fulfilling all the conditions and upon acceptance you will be provided with an Information letter (provisional admission letter) in electronic format upon request.

Step 5: Confirmed Admission. As soon as your visa invitation will be ready, we will mail you your visa invitation or our official representative Doctors-IEA Team will provide you all the details about it. 

Step 6: After you receive the visa invitation, our official representative Doctors-IEA Team will provide you visa from the Russian Embassy in Delhi (For Indian Students only). And for other countries, students will visit the Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation to stamp their visas. More information on visa and registration,

Official Contact Details; For Indian Students: 1800-419-5827 (Toll-free) | For Other Countries: +7-951-517-45-07

Step 7: Welcome to Kazan, Russia. (the Capital City Republic of Tatarstan)

Entrance Exam (After Arrival)

  • Chemistry
  • English

For more details contact our representative: Doctors-IEA Pvt. Ltd

Official Contact Details; For Indian Students: 1800-419-5827 (Toll-free) | For Other Countries: +7-951-517-45-07

Note please: After arrival to university, a student must submit a passport copy with Russian translation+Notary, Secondary school certificate copy with Russian translation+Notary, Medical Fitness Certificate, HIV test report, Chest X-ray report from the native country, These all documents hard copies must be with the student, then Dean office will verify all documents and confirmed the admission, the student will sign a contract with the university for his/her studies and starts their registration and visa extension work. After that student’s classes will start as per time table. 

How a student can apply for direct admission to KSMU with Doctors-IEA; Russia has been for the longest time the ideal place to study medicine. Kazan state medical university is one of the oldest and reputed universities in the country. Kazan state medical university is recognized by the Ministry of Health & Education Russian Federation, NMC, WHO, ECFMG, GMC, and several other top medical councils like Asia, Africa, Arab, and European medical councils. The student can apply on our website by completing the online application form. After submission of the form, the Doctors-IEA representative will contact you regarding Kazan state medical university admission procedure, fees, and other formalities regarding admission. Russia is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, has a good standard of Medical studies with a very low cost of living. The Russian government has put great effort into the development of the university. This is to maintain high standards of higher education.      

FAQs for Studying MBBS in KSMU, Russia

Why should I study MBBS in KSMU, Russia?

The standard of education in KSMU is considered to be one of the most advanced and sophisticated in Russia. KSMU Medical Degree has received global recognition and has topped the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI).  KSMU degree is recognized globally.

Is KSMU recognized by NMC India?


How many years is MBBS in KSMU, Russia?

The duration of an MBBS in KSMU, Russia is 6 years.

Is NEET required to Get Admission in KSMU?

Yes, for Indian students, NEET eligibility is mandatory. Without that no admission.

What are classrooms environment in KSMU alike?

In most Russian universities, there is generally a teacher-student ratio of 1:14, which gives you a more attentive and personal learning environment.

Is it full English Medium, MBBS course in KSMU?

Yes, Full MBBS Course in English Medium, that’s why KSMU having excellent results in the exam.

How to get direct MBBS Admission in KSMU, Russia?

For that, you have to contact Doctors-IEA Pvt Ltd. the official authorized representative of university for Indian & Foreign students. or contact Dr. Abhineet Kumar (MBBS, MS-Russia), who is the head of the Doctors-IEA Team.

Highlights of Kazan: Kazan is one of the most diverse, historical and beautiful cities of Russia. Most Famous landmark of Kazan city is Kremlin. Kazan is one of the oldest cities not only in Russia but in Eastern Europe also. Kazan has two pedestrian streets: Bauman and Peterburzhskaya streets In terms of sport, Kazan is one of the most developed cities in Russia. Metro of Kazan is one of the shortest metros in the world. The largest river of Eastern Europe flows through the Tatarstan-Volga river. Two official languages in Kazan city: Tatarian and Russian. International Airpot is one hour far from the main city. Kazan Railway station is thirty minutes far from the airport and nearby city.  

Why Doctors-IEA only?

  • Doctors-IEA Pvt. Ltd is the official authorized representative of Kazan state medical university in India. Doctors-IEA has the full experience to provide professional consulting services for students who plan to study Medical in KazanSMU, Russia.
  • Doctors-IEA has close contact with KazanSMU for the course information, application requirements, and procedures. Our team is fully ready to handle student applications effectively and efficiently.
  • Doctors-IEA sincerely cares for our student’s future and is committed to providing reliable information and keeping to our promise.
  • Doctors-IEA Team is well recognized for its reliability. For its professional service and teams of experienced staff in the representative offices, Doctors-IEA Team is highly regarded within the industry by universities, parents, and students alike.
  • Doctors-IEA never hides any facts and truths.
  • Doctors-IEA never charges any hidden expenses.
  • Doctors-IEA has an excellent student-parent support system.
  • Doctors-IEA Assure financial & educational assistance without any hurdle.
  • Doctors-IEA Team will assist in the whole process of admission including your visa and travel.
  • Doctors-IEA having a team of representatives in KSMU who supports students throughout the academic year and up to his/her degree completion.

Welcome to KSMU, Kazan

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Direct MBBS Admission in KSMU

How To Get An Admission For MBBS in KSMU, Russia?

Getting admission for MBBS at Kazan State Medical University is totally straightforward and very simple. Here is a step-by-step list prepared by the Doctors-IEA team for you:

  • The first step, fill the application correctly.
  • Submit original documents to Delhi Office.
  • You will receive an admission letter.
  • Pay the application/processing charges.
  • You will receive an invitation letter.
  • The Doctors-IEA team will apply for a visa for you.
  •  After receiving a visa, the Doctors-IEA team will provide the ticket.
  • That’s all & take off for Kazan, Russia